Stuff Sack

Simple Stuff Sack design, with loop at the bottom for hanging upside down.

7 thoughts on “Stuff Sack

  1. any tips on sewing “pocket mesh”. I’d like to make several hanging pouches for my ridge line under the tarp. I suspect some kind of ribbon or iron-on something is needed. How to sew mesh? thanks. Sue

  2. i’ve been using small binder clips like these

    on projects instead of pins… after all, i don’t want a bunch of pin holes in my brand new silnylon…. they work great!

    also, the loop helps for a different reason… if you have something big and tight fitting in your stuff sack, the loop gives you something to grab onto to pull the item out… for instance, i tight fitting air pad is really hard to get out without something to grab on the bottom of the stuff sack… i’ve seen some designs with a whole flap of fabric on the bottom for that purpose, but i like the small tab…

    1. Hi Amber. It is definitely not necessary, but the bottom loop I have found to be very helpful. I like to hang stuffsacks around the campsite and if they’re not hung upside down they tend to fill with water in the rain. Hanging them upside down helps a lot.

  3. I don’t think the measurements are right on the draw cord channel. This was going to be my first project, but it doesn’t make sense. Folding in corners 1 1/2 inch, and then folding down twice 3/4 each does not leave the angled tag as suggested. Each fold is half the length of the folded corner corner part. Do it twice, no more corner.

    1. Hi Tim. Looks like you are right. It should be fold down 1/2″ twice to get the 1-1/2″. I’ll change it when I free up some time. Thank you for pointing that out.

      1. I think the folding down 1/2″ would leave too big of a gap in the top of the bag. The 3/4″ fold would leave no gap at the cord tunnels and a better closure. It sews better and less likely to tear. Both should work fine, just depends on what you want your bag to do I guess. (Of course neither are completely waterproof.)

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