What is a linear yard?

One yard is 36″.  When you order materials by the linear yard, you are getting the full width of the material by however many yards you order.  Say, for example, you order 3 yards of fabric that is 62″ wide.  You’ll get a sheet of fabric 9 feet long (3yds) by 62″ wide.

How do I calculate Shipping?

From your shopping cart, click  “Calculate Shipping”, fill out the information and “Update Totals”.  Shipping is calculated by USPS and is based on the weight of items in your order and the destination.  For domestic orders, First Class option is only available for orders under 13oz.  The “Flat Rate” option is available for domestic orders as a cost savings when the USPS option is higher.  Flat Rate orders will usually ship in a Med. Flat Rate Priority box, but may come Parcel post if it will not fit.

*Some Canadian customers have found they need to put the zip code in with no spaces.

How long until my order ships?

Orders usually ship within 1-3 business days.  Because this is  a one-man operation right now, and I still need to work part time to pay the bills, orders cannot go out every day.  I am at the shop Monday, Thursday, Friday, and often Saturday to get your orders out as fast as I can.

International orders take more time.  I am usually only able to get them shipped once a week, so if you are on a schedule please order early.

Why isn’t my Country listed?

I have been adding global shipping destinations as they are needed.  If you want to order and do not see your Country listed, just send an email asking if it can be added.  For most places I am able to add your location within a day or two.