Hello, my name is Scott, I am the youth pastor at Church of the Open Door, and I have the privilege of running DIY Gear Supply.  My wife, daughter, and I grew up here in Maine and while I’ve traveled to over 20 countries, I am still pleased to call Maine home.  We’re surrounded by a clean view of God’s creation and we love to spend time out in it.

About KJ&DaddyI spent most of my childhood and youth out in the woods, camping and hiking – rarely on actual trails, just out and about in the backwoods of Maine.  In the early 2000′s I was introduced to Hammock Camping by a friend and it opened up a whole new world of camping for me.  No more hard earth to sleep on, with roots and rocks.  No more searching for a large, level spot in the woods.  Now I float on a bed of air.  You should give it a try.

My enjoyment of hiking and backpacking is what got me started in building my own gear – but it’s my love of innovation, adaptation, changing, tweaking, and experimenting with design that pushed me into this business.  After a few years of building my own gear I started building things for friends.  That translated into building tarps for sale, and Backwoods Daydreamer Gear was born.   I built more tarps in that year than I ever thought I would in a lifetime. It was too much, and I learned something about myself.  I love innovation.  I love designing things.  I love daydreaming about ways to overcome a gear design problem.  I love finding great deals on materials to build cool gear.  I love experimenting with new gear ideas…  I hate production.  Building the same thing, over and over and over… it drove me crazy.

So, DIY Gear Supply was born.  I get to do what I love – design, adapt, innovate, and I get to help others build their own gear.  It’s a good niche.  My gear room is stocked with thousands and thousands of yards of fabrics just begging to be made into really cool gear.  I’d like to encourage you to dream up and design your own.  One thing I’ve learned in the years I’ve been building gear is that most things aren’t really all that hard to make.  It takes some time thinking through the process and design, but believe me – if I can build it, so can you!  I’d just like to be the guy supplying you with the materials you need.

If you have questions on gear building, check our links – there are some great resources there.  You can also toss me a note through the contact page.  And if you just want to buy some gear to get you out in the woods rather than make it yourself, we have a lot of friends who build gear – check the Links page for that as well.

Go out and enjoy the woods.

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