Gütermann Tera


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Gütermann Tera thread.  Extremely strong thread for your critical parts of your gear, where a nearly unbreakable thread is called for. Useful for thicker fabrics, tarp ridgelines and tie-outs, “ENO” style hammock end-channels, backpacks, and more.  All sizes work well on most regular home sewing machines, go with Tex 35 or 50 if you are unsure.

Tera 80 = Tex 35. 874yards. 100% Polyester. Black.

Tera 60 = Tex 50. 656yards. 100% Polyester. Black.

Tera 40 = Tex 75. 437yards. 100% Polyester. Black.

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Weight 2 oz

Tex 35, Tex 50, Tex 75