Hammock Suspension

Ideas on how to hang your hammock.

6 thoughts on “Hammock Suspension

  1. What thread works best for sewing the tree straps, and how much? I currently use 1″ tubular webbing with a loop tied onto each end (it’s what I had available). My goal is to upgrade to 1″ polyester webbing with sewn loops, but I can’t seem to find which thread works best. I’ll need to make 4 straps in total.

  2. This is irrelevant but it would mean a great deal for me if you could answer my enquiry, I was wondering what software or application you used that allowed you to draw and present your information like that as shown above. Thank you.

    1. Hi Nikhil, I don’t use anything special. For my own designs, I use Sketchup, but for the DIY Guide sheets I use Paint.net. Both free programs. Enjoy!

  3. Hey – do you all make the whoopie slings? I really don’t have time.
    From what I’m reading- I need 30 ft of amsteel for 2 (15) foot whoopie slings for my hammock.
    Is that correct?
    Any way I could pay you guys to make them for me? At what cost?
    i think I could handle the other stuff.
    thanks in advance
    Lane the stupid guy in GA

    1. As of right now, no, we do not make gear. Check out whoopieslings.com or most any of the hammock gear suppliers from the links page for pre-made whoopie slings.

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