Hammock Suspension

Ideas on how to hang your hammock.

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  1. Hey – do you all make the whoopie slings? I really don’t have time.
    From what I’m reading- I need 30 ft of amsteel for 2 (15) foot whoopie slings for my hammock.
    Is that correct?
    Any way I could pay you guys to make them for me? At what cost?
    i think I could handle the other stuff.
    thanks in advance
    Lane the stupid guy in GA

    • As of right now, no, we do not make gear. Check out whoopieslings.com or most any of the hammock gear suppliers from the links page for pre-made whoopie slings.

  2. This is irrelevant but it would mean a great deal for me if you could answer my enquiry, I was wondering what software or application you used that allowed you to draw and present your information like that as shown above. Thank you.

    • Hi Nikhil, I don’t use anything special. For my own designs, I use Sketchup, but for the DIY Guide sheets I use Paint.net. Both free programs. Enjoy!

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