This is still a work in progress, but we wanted to make available what we have put together so far. Backpacks are not as hard as they look initially, but it is still quite a project to undertake. Be sure to think through each step before hitting the sewing machine with your cutouts. The suggested materials for this project are only suggestions.

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  1. Re: 50 Liter DIY Backpack:
    1. do you have any pictures to show the location of the “inside pockets”, “inside back panel sleeve” and “back panel sleeve”?
    2. do you have any pictures of the back/shoulder strap side of the pack?
    3. do you have any step-by-step instruction on how to sew the pieces together?
    4. do you have any pictures / instructions on attaching the shoulder straps?


  2. Hi, I was wondering what part of the pack do I shorten to make it fit my 4’11” hieght? Do I just make the shoulder straps smaller? Thanks!

    • Hi Michelle. The Shoulder straps are the first and most important thing to shorten a bit. The entire height of the pack could be shortened if you want, but you also lose packing space inside if you do so don’t do that unless you can fit everything in a smaller space.

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